Tampa, murders & murderers

I left MYC at 11:15 pm last night to enter the world of Tampa Bay, Florida at 2am. Last plane out of NYC. A daughter, a grandson, a heart ache- I left. A daughter, a grandson, more heart ache awaits inFlorida.

Leaving b Beth, and grandchildren Sam and my namesake Charollte-heartbreaking, somewhat unbearable till I compartimelize as a serial murder who murders myself. Murderer, get on the plane. Now, Charles. Board your plane.
I am very successful in killing myself; but it is better than allowing others to do so. They kill as they think they love.

Wives, Lauren, children, a mother, others, Mazz and institutions
Kill me
I won’t utter a cry, a word
I die.
Lord, resurrect me

Resurrect me, wholly, completely.
Resurrect me, your Lazarus
Resurrect me, my Lord Jesus, resurrect me
I am yours.

No one else’s.


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