where, an essential question

over 200 people disappeared on a Malaysian airline? where are they?

over 200 young Nigerian girls are abducted-where are they, our girls?

And, does He care? If so where is He during hurts and defeats; rejections, failures and silences; disappearances and deaths?

Asking ‘where’ and sitting with, meditating on my thoughts and responses, leaving, paradoxically, myself through ‘reflection is where I am sitting this present moment.

‘Wheres’ take me out of myself onto another; another person; another’s moment; a painting; a song by Emmy Lou Harris http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R31xTIrX8Nc; a troubled life or marriage.

I listen, actively, presently, to the other and am changed by going there. There is richness in immersing in another; by embracing, I am held deeply away from myself.

The question of where the Malaysian plane and it passengers are; of where those Nigerian young girls are, leads me to prayer.

I pray for their families; for what was left behind; for what goes forward. I pray that the God who knew where I was at my lowest, darkest times will speak, move, flash into the lives of those hurting to be with them; wherever their place is. Where ever.


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