I fail

love love


can you you smell lovely to me?

can you think, express lovely to for


can can you wear a strawberry

sweater & offer free, & total love, a moment of



All hurts

All forget me’s?

All Marla’s? A yellow hair too long

and beautiful for me?

All Mona Leo’s? an ache in her voice

because she could not come to ‘The

Band’ on New Year’s Eve?

All Barbara’s ‘the loving me softly?’

room 937? the hiding and sleeping

the lost? itself


what can I offer you? alone, a

searcher? just

just my deep

Deepest needs desires

a moment’s moments

only only one alone

you, me


or only

me? me; my offer, me

I offer. I can do

do the same for and with you. &&


Forgive you, in with love, touch your past-but

I will

I fail



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