the Hulk, change in an instant

the Hulk, change in an instant

instant relationships

instant forgiveness; instant food; porridge, waffles, ice cream?

instant love

instant service, friendship, closure, truth

lies in an instant; thieve in a moment, right on the spot, you deserve it, so take it-NOW

instant forgiveness, let’s begin again, anew, fast, no talking about your past: forgive
& forget

instantly, like

Marvel Comic super heroes on my scene to save me

in an instant

but sometimes, there is danger, like


Hulk changes in an instant
but, it is Bruce Banner changed in an instant for a life time that
really scares me
(though he looks good in green; tearing his shirt effortlessly, without thoughts-in an instant)

She changed

for me it seemed an instant; for her, perhaps two life times?

I loved the Hulk; I can see the change, the instant, coming

I see the instant in the moment before it comes;
reassuring. It is what I can’t see, won’t see, that really changes me.


Change in an instant

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