seeing, for Robin

I saw with you with my children laughing
as your Genie performed miracles for Aladdin making him from
a beggar thief into a boy prince
you saw in so many

your art was seeing, transforming, quickly
in a blink of an eye

how alone and lonely is it to see
to see the hurts, to see and create and transform again and again

Hagar, the Egyptian maidservant was seen by Sarai as a way
to form a child; a surrogate from another country
having a rich woman’s child, her love
her pain
she was exiled for being seen; no Genie in her desert but an Angel who comforts,
seeing her so Hagar can say,
‘You are the God who sees me’

your death is an exile;
you stopped

After all
isn’t what is needed is
to be

who sees the transfoming angel? who sees the comforter? a Genie trapped in
his bottles?

maybe being seen is overrated

let’s see


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