must 2

The Angel Gabriel journeys to bring a message to Mary. Her response, how can I a virgin be with child?

Gabriel’s reply, ‘nothing is impossible for God.’

Think of whom is speaking with her: an Angel who has stood in the presence of the Lord God for all eternity. Imagine what he has seen, the experiential journeys he has been on. He is like the cyborg Roy in ‘Blade Runner.’ Gabriel has seen things no human has. He has seen God act.

His experience tells him all things are possible. Including us. Including God becoming a human baby. Why? Because this is the easiest, yet trickiest journey, to love.

He journeyed because He loves us. Then, if we follow, we can also love. This is what Angels see: the impossible humans becoming lovers of others, of you and me; of the weak and hurt and the rich.
It is an Angel’s journey to the impossible, to Mary.

We are the impossible becoming possible.


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