Advent, His toucha prologue 

All our wonders are filled and made thoughtful today, through Jesus who touches 
He was ‘Sent’ to touch and also to be touched. Who does he touch? And How? 
He touches the blind, spits and wipes eyes; he touches lepers with his words and heals; he touches the dead, Jarius’ child, and gives life; he eats fish; drinks wine. Touching people, food, drinks, hopes and fears with words and hands, Jesus love Touches, heals. But that is not all.
He also allows himself to be touched.
The woman with the discharge ; Mary with her hair in the gospel of Luke; his parents, mother Mary and father Joesph as a baby born, the soldiers who spat, ‘crowned him’ mocked and whipped Him-
And in a cross Jesus allows sin to touch, and become Him. Why?

Perfect loves casts out imperfect fears; perfect love is a love that touches and allows itself to be touched.
Advent touches.


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