advent 4, first draft

Usually I just posts drafts without comments

This will be an exception. This draft is a slight cheat …why?

Because Luke 1 has the Angel Gabriel famously (though the verse post 1989 NIV radically changed this phrase) in response to Mary’s query, ‘how can this be?’ 

‘Nothing is impossible with God.’

In Mark 9 Jesus tells the tearful father: ‘everything is possible’

So, I still am prayerfully considering the connections of these tropes.

What you all have below is a truly incomplete first draft-

Jesus’ prayerful touch

In Mark 9:24 a father brings his son to Jesus for healing of a possessing spirit. He asks Jesus have ‘pity on us’ and to ‘help us …if you can’

 Jesus replied, ‘if you can? …all is possible for he who believes.’

 The father speaks in this ‘exclamation’ 

‘I believe, help my unbelief.’ His language switches from using ‘us’ in his first plea to ‘the use of ‘my’ here. 

 Because the father of the possessed child is praying. 

Now it is personal for the father; it is about his personal response to Jesus. 

 The father’s crying out here is prayer. The word describing the words and the person of the father is ‘exclamation.’

“Exclamation” (NIV) should be translated as speaking in tears, a cry. He is crying over his unbelief. 
Unbelief can be seen as a defective, a flawed, a weak faith. And if unbelief stays unspoken, unshared, it would remain so. Yet moved to tears the father speaks it to Jesus. And by bringing this weakness to Jesus he and his son experience healing belief. He comes to Jesus, torn hurting, un-believing, and yet, paradoxically, also a believing man. 

 I am this man, hurting, troubled, believing and awash in unbelief. 

 His beautiful prayer is also mine ‘I believe – help my unbelief.’

When Jesus debriefs His disciples on why they couldn’t exorcise the spirit, He tells them that this type of spirit can only come out through prayer. Prayer. 
That is all that is truly needed – a weak, crying, humble prayer- the prayers of a broken man, a loving father, or mother; a prayer that is ever reaching out to Jesus. 
This season: believe; pray; then reach for Him. He will touch in return. 


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