after church, teams of two in the small church we met at, served a meal. Newly dating, Priscilla and I decided to leave our former teammates and from a new cooking unit .

In her former unit, Priscilla, and her partner Laurie, always served franks and beans for their monthly service.


After eating a special meal four months past Priscilla had prepared in September for my birthday (chicken cordon blue), I believed she was a chef.

But I was troubled…

Why would a chef order the most bland of foods in restaurants we ate out in dates?

And why would they only serve franks and beans after a church service?

I thought: cook together and find out.

So, we planned the first week’s foods. I asked, Honey what should we prepare? She paused, thought and said,

What about franks and beans?

I responded, How about something a little different?

A slightly longer pause,

Charlie, how about we put cheese in with the beans?

Reader, I married her.


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