62, Star Wars, Elf and this day

why, who, did the same creative mind direct and create an Elf and a Baby Yoda? As Joseph Campbell wrote in ‘A Hero with a Thousand Faces’- as George Lucas heard, a Hero wears many multiple masks, a thousand faces.

Perhaps the desire to understand and then to form and reform masks can be traced to the need to protect and hid; create and destroy. This desire to be an Elf and a Mando at the same time is part of the answer; and this is what’s Joesph Campbell wrote of in ‘A Hero with 1,000 faces.’ His writing generates a golem.

And Jon Favreau is this creative golem. He directed both https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mandalorian and Elf.

His creative company, formed in 2018, is ‘Golem Creations Ltd. LLC is a television production company created by Jon Favreau on August 30, 2018.[78][79] In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Favreau cited his fascination with the overlap of technology and storytelling and that he gave the company its name because a golemwas like technology; it could be used to protect or destroy if control was lost of it.’ (Wikipedia)

A golem can used to ‘protect or destroy…’ Elf protects and destroy his father; his store and Christmas itself. And Mando and Baby Yoda both protect and destroy in Jon’s Star Wars spin off ‘Mandalorian.’ They destroy a mother creature for its egg and bounty hunters who search tracers for them. And these golems also have the power to heal.

Golem, I have also always been. As Yesterday, when I taught my granddaughter Liv, created with her, as golems, this Christmas song,

Reindeers with red noses can and will protect, if we allow them, as children and Baby Yoda, to sing and heal as they crea


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