61, thoughts

my previous thoughts posts have been alternating between thoughts of my ancient pasts, and my present pasts.

This first day of the NewYear 2020 I want to be totally, completely in the present.

With a broken right leg the result of a partial right knee replacement surgery in June, I have been living in deep, constant pain. But I am now in faith, deep faith that healing will come.

Yesterday I cared for myself. I called the Physical Therapist and made my first appointment; I called on my leg cast, and will get it fitted this Friday; I wrestled with both my NYC grand children; had my dear friends over for dinner; re- read an old Star Wars paperback on ‘the Mandalorian Armor’; I …

laughed and I silently cried; I eat and smiled quietly; I caress, lightly kiss myself, lightly; I played a harmonica. In words, I heal.

I healed because I have stopped looking at all to others; I healed because I looked at myself and moved, acted. I limped and walked, I thought and wrote: I healed-

and I will continue to write, walk, and heal for this year 2020 as long as care, care for myself

first then, this year receive; then give, freely



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