Sarah’s birth

7 May 1984. Sarah’ birth, a letter to a younger daughter

this morning, the morning of Sarah’ s birth, a thought, a share, a memory ( we are pausing in my daily reflections on Acts today to reflect in, on, another ‘act’)

first a memory,

Sarah was borne in NY hospital.

People always said ‘time goes by so fast, they (children grow up so fast)

Not true, yet true. Practically, your children will change, grow and leave in a blink. Then you are left with their other parent, yourself and, most importantly, your memories; a memory…

7 May, Sarah’s day, was sunny and beautifully spring, like this morning, in NYC.

Your, her mother, could not go through natural childbirth. She didn’t with any of you. We planned to have an induction with Potassium-an/for induced Contractions for birth, similar to Elisabeth’s.

At the beginning, the first hour after they hand

-broke your mother’s water, dr strongin

stated that the baby (our Sarah) had a true double note around her neck and there had to be an emergency C-section. They wheeled your mother out; and I was left alone in NEw York’s spring bright light, but in an empty operational procedural room. Whites, indicated, pointed to, for me, the fast absence of life: the blink.

All was white light, prayer 🙏 and my breathe. I trusted God so at in those moments. I still trust Sarah to Him, not herself, or myself- only Him.

my thought 💭 today?

She is his; never mine. Only His.

as you are

my share to you today, as much as you may be alone this week, He is with you;

with you.

I was the first person ( out of the operating room) to hold Sarah. strongin came in after the nurse with an the intense care mobile cart, and with baby newborns Sarah. And with good news: your mother was fine but ‘out’ due to the anaesthesia. She hadn’t touch Sarah yet. I was to be the first. I was to be the first to hold her with love. A father’s love.

But, I thought I saw a slight crease in Sarah’s nose and mentioned it to Strongin. He got angry and said she was ‘perfect.’ He didn’t look. He just wanted praise for his skill. I looked again and still saw a slight crease. I went silent.

Why the quick anger?

He was probably angry that I was not grateful to him for this child and wife. Truthfully, I wasn’t. I was grateful to my Lord Jesus.

I was an still grateful to my God, Jesus.

I held, shared Sarah for an hour; they had to tear her away from me. Your mother came out two hours later, 3 (three hours) after Sarah’s birth, priscilla came asking for her, super groggy. She went back to sleep and held her a little later.

my share, ….

I still hold Sarah, each day. I also sometimes still look for the crease in her nose. It is not there; but I still am. I still look and hold.



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