day 80; day 79

the principle of step 2? Step Two: “We came to believe in a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” From AA the Literature: the first Spiritual Principle found in the Second Step is Hope.

Hope in the Greek, a language of philosophical thoughts and feelings, is elpis- meaning ‘to anticipate, usually with pleasure. As a noun it means, “favorable and confident expectation, a forward look with assurance.” Hope, in its origins, means the certainty of a belief or action. The event hoped for will happen.

The Second Step is a step of belief in restoration, a step of certainty. No slippage; no missteps; no wavering of unsteadiness. I am not the one stepping by myself; no- we are restored, we are ‘re-stepping’ with a higher power. My Higher Power is my dance partner; I am certain of my footings.

I step; I am restored.


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