I heard a Longtimer sharing: “Giving Him The Very Gift Of Life Was More Than Good Enough To Detach From The Past, And Forgive And Love His Parents Regardless Of What They Did To Him.” As a result, he has become the first beneficiary of forgiving from the heart without expecting anything in return. The We Program and the God of his understanding helped him not only to remove the resentment, bitterness and rage that used to eat him alive for years,
but also from another layer of anger, guilt, shame and remorse for not being a good son himself. Being willing to drop the rocks of resentment, rage and bitterness (Step 6), and asking the God of his understanding to remove his character defects (Step 7), made it possible for him to experience true internal freedom from the old and nagging resentments, and to experience joy and happiness for being a good son, brother, and uncle. One of the slogans that helped him not to wait and live in the pain of holding onto a resentment was, and still is, “Let It Begin With Me.” This slogan is helping him to keep his side of the street clean and live as, “A Peace Maker.” Because in peace, “Both Sides Win.” Practicing the spiritual elements of, “Detachment, Forgiveness And Love” continues to enhance his progressive recovery. The rewards for practicing detachment, forgiveness and love are: “True
Inner Peace, Trust, Serenity, Contentment And Heartfelt Gratitude And Appreciation To The Givers Of The Gift, The We Program And Our Collective Higher Power.” As the saying goes, “We Become What We Practice,” and “What We Feed Grows.” We are blessed for being given the spiritual tools of recovery that are healing us by making the humanly impossible possible.


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