from a friend,

I am welcoming Day 7 of, “A 90/90 Unconditional Self-acceptance Practice,” I am willing to make a lifetime living-amendment to my wounded soul and spirit for the harms that I had done for years while I was sick and suffering without knowing it. I do this by praying to A Higher Power
help me use the good and healthy side of my God-given emotions: “Good Anger, Good Guilt And Good Regret.” Experiencing good anger empowers me first to share it with members who understand, and to let those who hurt me know in a loving and kind way, and ask for fairness going forward. Good guilt empowers me to acknowledge my wrongdoing, apologize and do attitude adjustment, a better treatment going forward. Good regret empowers me to accept that I cannot change what happened in the past. But I can learn from what happened, and move on to start over, and move forward toward a better future. As I practice how to use good emotions, I am humbly asking A Higher Power to remove and arrest the untreated bad side of my emotions. Because the bad side of my emotions kept me stuck and frozen in many yesteryears, tormenting my soul and spirit with a never-ending bad anger and, bad guilt, and bad
regret poisoning my being with the untreated stinking-thinking of, “Wishing Things Were Different.” Choosing to dwell for too long, for years, in lingering bad anger and rage, and bad guilt, shame and remorse kept feeding the bad regret, and the bad regret kept feeding my insanity. Longtimers reminds us: “Bad Regrets Keeps Us Restless, Agitated, Irritated, Ungrateful For What We Have, And Insane.” And “Insanity Is What We Keep Getting For Wishing A Better Past.” Thanks to Amazing Grace! We do not have to live that way any more. We are given, “The Know-how,” and “A Way-up And Out.” Take care my friend and stay well. I love you. Happy to be alive, the rest is a bonus. Gratefully, Wassie


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