49, my self

humbly, I ask

Hearing the voice of recovery reminds us that, “The We Program Works.” Because, 1. It is a program of repetition, 2. We are all equal, and 3. God is in charge. By way of repetition, we are staying away from the number one enemy within, “The Built-in-forgetter.” Pass-It-On: When I am trying to tackle a tough problem or cope with a stressful situation, and I have done all I can for the moment, what then? I can do something that will nurture my mind, body, or spirit. Perhaps I will take a walk or listen to music. Maybe I will meet a friend for coffee and conversation. I could have something nutritious to eat, sit quietly and meditate, or read a book. The We Program is a program of action in which we recognize that we have choices about what to do with our time. A bubble bath, a massage, a recovery call to a friend or a sponsor, a bike ride, or a nap might be
constructive ways to fill time that might otherwise be wasted on worry. Even though I may be powerless to change my circumstances, I certainly am not hopeless and helpless. Hope, help, relief, comfort, understanding and suggestions for possible solutions is a phone call and a meeting away. Today, I have enough love and awareness to remind me that when I treat myself with love and tenderness, I am better able to deal with the challenges that life presents. I have a chance to feel good and safe, even when surrounded by crisis. The We Program reminds me that one of my primary responsibilities is to take care of myself. In doing so, I will stay useful to myself, family, loved ones, friends and to society at large.


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