46, we step

a friend’s voice, “…we are in trouble when we start thinking that we got the program.”

Slowly but surely, this untreated ‘stinking-thinking’ leads us to an ego inflation (know-it-all), and pride balloning (big-shot-ism).

Our emotional relapse begins with not showing up in the rooms of recovery, not answering a phone call from a sponsor, sponsees and friends in recovery.

In doing so, we cut-off ourselves from the givers of the gift: “The We Program and Our Collective Higher Power.” Longtimers reminds us, “Like we must eat everyday to stay healthy, live on, and stay useful, so is with our recovery, we must show-up and receive our daily reprieve to keep on feeding and taking care of our emotional and spiritual well-being.” A daily practice of, “Humility, Gratitude And Vigilance” is key to our emotional sobriety and sanity. The slogan, “Share It Or Wear It” reminds us that no matter what happens, “We Are Not Alone.” Relief, comfort and support is a meeting and a share away. We are blessed for being released from silent suffering.”

Isolation and her sister silence, is a single step unto an abyss. By practicing steps 6 and 7 together, we are not an alone and silent ‘I’ but a connected we, connected to my higher power as I humbly ask Him daily, each day, to to remove by defects of character.

Ask and receive.

Now, after receiving, I can freely give and form other ‘we’ relationships by giving away what I have.


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