41, step 8

from Wassie, a friend,

‘…willingness, honesty and open mindedness are essential to our progressive recovery. Pass-It-On: Steps 8 and 9 known as “The Freedom Steps” empowers us to bring an end to the life of exile, living in hiding due to fear of people that hurt us in the past, and people that we offended while sick and suffering. Steps 8 and 9 empowers us to deal with every incident in which we have hurt, rejected, or ignored others. In doing so, we reduce the guilt by setting things right again. As we clean our mental house by way of opening our hearts and transforming our losses by way of grieving, sharing and identification, slowly but surely, we are letting go of the bitter past, and move on to live in peace with God, ourselves and others. As a reinforcement for our progressive healthy lifestyle, we use the healing and restoration spiritual tools of, “Detachment, Forgiveness And Love.” The rewards for practicing these spiritual elements are, “Peace, Serenity And Emotional Balance.” We are blessed for being given a new blueprint for living free of charge.’

Breathe, pause then…

breathe and ..,

pause till it passes


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