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Pass-It-On: from Wassie, step 8

It has taken a long time for my low self-esteem to be replaced with a healthy sense of self-worth. Although the process of recovery is steady, it is sometimes slower than I would wish. But when I question whether I should be further along, my sponsor reminds me that the only “should” in the program is that I “should” be exactly where I am. The slogan, “We are exactly where we are supposed to be” is a gentle reminder that we cannot rush the process of healing, change and recovery. God’s will for us, is to do the program at our own pace, and continue to treat our recovering soul and spirit with patience, compassionate understanding and loving-kindness. The rest will be taken care of by the givers of the gift: “The We Program and our collective
Higher Power.”

making amends in step 8, takes time,

time is forget the ‘should’ and be in the now

breathe, pause,

breathe, pause, let go


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