‘ …the voice of recovery reminds us that every time we try to tighten the noose of resentment around someone’s neck, we are really only chocking ourselves. –

How can we forgive and make amends to those whom we feel have offended us in the past? How can we forgive when the stings of wounds are still fresh and alive in our hearts?

The willingness to forgive can be attained only when we have passed through a series of God-given steps for grieving over these offenses, we must experience the stages of shock, denial, anger, depression, and sadness in order to purify our hearts.

Only then will we be ready to approach the final step of the grieving process—forgiveness—without resentment and with emotional integrity. We are blessed for being given the new language of recovery, “the language of the heart” that is helping us to open our hearts and
transform our losses by sharing honestly at a warm and safe place of the We Program. In doing so, we are empowered to change, heal and recover from the inside out.

When my Higher Power, my God, purifies my heart daily, He is in partnership with me, I am embracing self-forgiveness, forgiving others and asking to be forgiven, as an act of, “self-love, self-care, self-reparenting and living-amendment.” This is living in the Freedom Steps of 8 and 9 in action.

Action, forgiveness is action. Action of an within my heart’s steps,


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