28, step 9, a final “how to”

in the 12 & 12, the chapter on Step 9 begins,

‘ Good judgement, a careful sense of timing, courage, and prudence — these are the qualities we shall need when we take Step Nine. ‘

Four ( 4 ) qualities, judging well how and when to do amends; a listening heart and a listening tongue, for me this is my timing in the actual amend moment-active listening is my best timing – ; courage to act, the character to do, actually “do” the amend; and prudence: carefully making the core, the essence, of this specific amend. Speak less; listen more, more, is my prudence during the actual amend.

This, I must Remember the a, b, c ‘s of AA:

A. I was beyond human aid. I was, I am an alcoholic, and could not manage my own life.

B. No human power, no not even my powers, could relieve me of my condition of alcoholism

C. That God could and would relieve me, me, if they were sought

a simple plan for all amends; for stepping through 9


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