26, step 10, from Wassie

step 10 : “We continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.”

“…Denial is a symptom of the effects of alcoholism. Although we may have been living in chaos, worried about our families, full of self-doubt, and spiritually, emotionally, and physically depleted, many of us learned to pretend that everything was just fine. Today it is important for me to be in an environment in which honesty is practiced. I do not necessarily launch into a detailed description of my woes or my joys—that is not always desirable or appropriate—but when asked how I am doing, I try to ask myself what the real answer is. This frees me from the habit of denial and gives me choices. Asking myself how do I feel? How am I doing? “

Asking, speaking to myself, is my daily inventory- ask.

“If I can answer those questions truthfully, I am more likely to pursue the help I need and to share the happy times with others as well. We can say what we mean only if we have the courage to be honest with ourselves and with others. Longtimers reminds us, “without honesty there is no true recovery.” … “I give thanks to the We Program and our collective Higher Power for teaching me a new language of recovery, “the language of the heart that is helping me to recover from the inside out by sharing the truth from the heart.” Take care my friend and stay well. I love you. Happy to be alive, the rest is a bonus. Gratefully, Wassie”


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