24, my ninth & tenth steps, alongside my first

from Wassie, …Hearing the voice of recovery provides us the reinforcements that we need to stay humble, right-sized, grateful and vigilant. Pass-it-on: When I admit my powerlessness by taking Step One, it does not mean I am hopeless and helpless. In accepting the reality of the situation, I begin to realize what I can and cannot change. As I worked this Step and listened to long time members, I came to understand that I can only change myself. Today on awakening I say, “Thank you for this new day. All power is yours, the God of my understanding. Lead me.” I think, pray, and make what I believe to be good choices for my life. I breathe rather than react. I do not try to manage anything or anyone. Because my sponsor and the group belived in the program and walked me through it, I no longer feel hopeless, helpless or afraid. Thanks to Amazing Grace!

I take this precious and priceless moment to give thanks to my sponsor and members that helped me to admit defeat and surrender-to-win by taking Step One. “Acceptance of powerlessness had changed everything.” We are blessed for being given a new blueprint for living free of charge. Take care my friend and stay well. I love you. Happy to be alive, the rest is a bonus. Gratefully, Wassie

for me, every moment with my steps, my physical and program steps, I call on my first step. I am thankful that my life is unmanageable, that I as m powerless…

…. and that my program, my steps, is my higher power

I, powerless, he, powerful


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