“we are not alone.”security is as certain as our knowledge that our Higher Power is never more than a thought or a prayer away. We may want to feel this at all times, but fortunately our program friends and sponsors remind us that this is, “a daily program of action.” The sustained serenity and joy we desire is guaranteed each time we, “remember to remember” Asking ourselves what God would have us do in a situation, and listening for God’s direction will always clarify what our next move should be. Simply speaking, our Higher Power is here, now, and in charge of our life. Our assignment is to move our ego aside and follow our loving and sane spirit.

Longtimers reminds us, “dialing 311 (Steps 3 and 11) keeps us connected with our collective Higher Power. In doing so, we stay positioned to receive the flow
of His grace, and the precious and priceless gifts of, “serenity, peace of mind and emotional balance.” We are blessed for being rescued before it was too late.”

3 plus 11 is my source today

Thank you for your share Wassie


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