18, feeling God

from Wassie ‘Dear Charles, Namaste! there is no man-made solution for our control-madness and soul-sickness. To know this by heart is 50% of the solution to all our problems. Pass-it-on: We cannot think our way to God. We have to feel our way there. We have to need God so much, love God so much or love the idea of God so much that we just find ourselves in communion with God. It is our feelings that brings us there. Our reaching out to God comes as a last resort. It is the result of finally realizing that everything else we have tried has failed to bring us peace of mind. I do not have to use my intelligence to get to God, I have to want God in my life. Longtimers reminds us that the other name for our collective Higher Power is G.O.D (Gift Of Desperation). We are blessed for being given the way-up and out….I give thanks to the We Program for the introduction of a loving, caring and compassionate Higher Power, a miracle worker in the rooms of recovery transforming lives by making the humanly impossible possible. Take care my friend and stay well. I love you. Happy to be alive, the rest is a bonus. Gratefully, Wassie


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