15,… pray, think step 11

‘ pray…THINK” before translating a decision into action. “Is it thoughtful? Is it honest? Is it important? Is it necessary? Is it kind? Any action or expression we make toward another comes back to us. Maybe not today, but it assuredly returns: we do sow what we reap, if we treat others hatefully, or with disdain and suspicion, we eventually get the same in return. And we can also have a love-filled, affirming life if we willingly, gladly, and honestly offer our love to others with no conditions. We can bring only ourselves misery or happiness through our actions. With the help of our Higher Power, we can sow only what we want reap. It is a small decision to turn within for guidance. Although it takes practice to remember to let our Higher Power direct our actions, it will become a habit in time—the healthiest habit we will ever develop.



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