3 ‘in Step 12, ‘we are alone’

“we are not alone.” from Wassie

“Relief, help and hope is a share away. Pass-it-on: Learning to listen, and listening to learn the new language of recovery, “the language of the heart” had taught me to hope again, gather my scattered life piece by piece, and start over to live, love and trust again. As I kept coming back and listening to the healing truth of recovery being spoken in the language of the heart, I began to identify with a sigh of relief. It was like they were talking for me, and felt comfortable and safe for the first time in my life. Slowly but surely, the seed of hope for a better life was planted within me. For the first time, I was moved with a great feeling of gratitude. The feeling of, “finally! I found my tribe that speaks my language and understands me was huge and priceless.”

Day-by-day, share by share and drip-by-drip, I got my smile and voice back, and began the journey of recovery, “to feel, grieve my losses, and heal by way of sharing and identification.” Out of the millions of people all over the world who qualify for membership, support, acceptance and the unconditional love found in the We Program, I do not know why I am one of the lucky few to receive it. When I finally overcame my tendency to blame either myself or other people for the hurts that came from alcoholism, I allowed love to re-enter my life. My life is not perfect today, but I have so much support that even on my bad days I feel that I am a valuable person. Having the We Program and our collective Higher Power first place had changed everything. We are blessed.”

Listening to others, sharing with others, being with others is Step 12


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