counsellor’s lament 5, Boxing Day

so, how has the holiday been for you?

– church is speaking on Advent, I have this all before, what new can I hear be said about Jesus’ birth ?

we are holding out from applying for Social Security till I am at least 65 and Rick 67 – though we need the money – it is better to wait for more money and ever since the church fall out and our leaving the family doesn’t all get together any more –

we have people but it wasn’t isn’t like when my parents were alive it do just not the same not the same

I can’t get hired; probably people think at 61 I am too old

I just want peace- no one gives Trump any credit – Cuomo and DiBaliso is killing NYC

I can’t sleep nights

the counsellor’s lament unsaid: a prophetess is without honour in her own heart’s home

listen to yourself, deeply, listen


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