as I sit …

some concepts, in coming out from COVID

Empathize, but don’t overshare 

Rezaian says even his dramatic story of imprisonment tended to bore people. 
While he admits it’s a bit harsh, he says nobody is all that interested in your tales of isolation, since we all have our own. But it is a good time to listen to those who need to talk, who have lost loved ones or suffered in other ways. 

Respect boundaries

Many people are still getting comfortable with physical contact after months without it, and not everyone is equally ready to get up close and personal with others. It may not be a bad idea to keep your hands in your pockets for a few months, Rezaian says.

Embrace the change 

Be aware that we’ve all changed, whether consciously or not. Not everything will return to the way it was before, he adds, so have patience with yourself and others. For all we know, some of these changes may actually be improvements.


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