the rest, silence

the rest, silence

Is the words ‘I don’t love you anymore.’

all that

different than ‘I don’t love you enough to do that?’

I don’t know; or want to know. Only a touch, a desire, her flawed memory Is
needed a need, my need.

Silence is, has a beauty containing it

silence whispers, ‘perhaps’

it is

my rest,
my, mine

silence, a rest


women’s voices. London 1

women’s voices on London buses, trains. Angry, low, fast and choppy. Never too loud. Phone voices, voices. And a non emotional voice ‘this is a Central line train to Epping.’ Calm reassuring. A sister’s, a mother’s voice.


I don’t know how many times I have to tell you

You moved the project and didn’t listen to

But Scott listen to the sequence and hear why I am somewhat cross with you


Yes tomatoes -then drinks?

The outcome needs to change Scott. Can you see my side? Listen-

‘This is Hackney Wick. This is the London Over ground service to Stratford the next station is Stratford.’

‘Mind the step.’

Hello B… I am yes are you ok I am going into Stratford and have a cab to catch bye.

Black tonight. Yes. Tonight.

‘This is Stratford our final stop. Thank you for riding the London over ground.’

Scott, good, so we