a 70 age, plus, woman

does not desire to …

cook anymore, even for herself ( but )

maybe for her grandchildren

does not desire an intimate touch, from a

living, or even in her dreams a

quite ashes dead husband, in a bustelo coffee can,

she desires a short hair cut ( no more lengths, curls )

a maid

a person ( husband or friend who listens to her concerning why ‘ the kids never call’ )

she does not desire…


over love

I am now, at 67, over,


‘Epithumlia’ in the Greek means to


too much, too greatly, to excesses, too


I have always loved in epithumlia,

too, too

to – to – the poorly chosen,

now, i try my best to practice, daily over



if I were you,

I would kill me, you, my dead mother, & her dead husband who spoke once

when you abiding, once, just the once

( enough? )

but thank you, dad, for, so, the once, as

… you never spoke when your eyes, un-


make donald eat his vomit from his dark chocolate pun-ding-

do you you donald asked to to speak to councillor in nj about the event?

quite sadly, I went with my story ( which confirmed,underscored, yours )

she heard, understood and believed

I died