29, a ninth step – crossing the 7 t’s

from Wassie, his words have creative power

Hearing the voice of recovery reminds us that using the 7T’s,

“Take Time To Think The Thing Through”

…empowers us to examine our motives and line-up our will with God’s will for us before rushing to react or make unwise decision. Pass-it-on: A plane is equipped with an instrument called an artificial horizon indicator. Although our human senses may become confused in the murky thickness of a cloud bank, the horizon indicator is never fooled. Following its guidance, pilots are able to keep their planes positioned exactly as they should be. How well this illustration relates to our own natural wisdom compared with God’s heavenly wisdom! All our ways seem right to us, but only God can really know what path is best for each of us as we go through the storms of life. Trying to run our own lives is like trying to fly a plane through a cloud bank without a horizon
indicator. As we open our lives, completely and honestly, to God’s scrutiny and begin to accept His direction, we have taken a major step toward righting them and keeping them off a collusion course. We are blessed for being given the spiritual tools that are helping us to make an informed and win-win decision. As I am working the steps, i I give thanks to the We Program for providing me the Steps, Traditions, reminders, slogans and the reality-checks that I need to stay centered in the solution. Take care my friend and stay well. I love you. Happy to be alive, the rest is a bonus. “

Gratefully, Wassie