Scarlett’s second kiss, ( Judas’ kiss was a second kiss )

rhett, was

her husband who was faithful .,,
to her spiritenergy,to her passion, to hersoil, Tara he
thought it was their soil, their daughter, Bonnie Blue
but it was always just hers, never theirs, never his
idols will crash &fall as they jumpfences they
shatter, slowly or swiftly with each kiss, ( especially the second ) is a hammer, a chisel, destroying, flaying
its object
till I don’t give a damn

Judas’ kiss was a second kiss


broken, broke,

a poem ‘teapots’ 1

when others looked at you, me, they saw

teapots in fragments, broken, coloured shards, light spring green, a magenta a

deepen black but, black even in its


they told me not to marry you, your voice would always be speaking, requesting, demands, gently but never

hearing or


I like running my hands over edges, my hurt heart; my broken leg – rubbing it softly, gently to ease the pains, believing in kindness, doftness


a poem, one kiss

one kiss

( or: how is priscilla like Scarlett O’Hara? )

first, Priscilla loves & lives ‘Gone with the Wind’ ( though, today, she did not cry through any of the film; becoming Scarlett tough )

she and Scarlett are both Irish ( Joyce & O’Hara ) and mommy’s girls; let down by weak fathers, both

Priscilla and Scarlett both let their Rhett kiss them once, with real passions, before they married

, and they both pretend to soft hands, when their lupus should have kept her out of the sun

they are similar in their loves, faithful to the ends

and they both love, love money, gold, their pots of gold, secreted, promised, promises away

listening only to their silvers & gold, she, they, can only give a

kiss, one kiss

a poem



Japanese jar recreated with g gold to be more beautiful jars of clay

Jesus enters death embraces decay then dies

healing is imperfect here; never, ever to be complete; go on

this tent will decay; but on eternal soul attached to your, our human body will live by Spirit

How can I live my the spirit every day?

listen to…

London women’s voices

I am so happy for you

He sounds so nice, a serious guy

It’s only been a week

Yea but he sounds like a truthful guy someone you can believe…

… better get on that, listening