counsellor’s lament, 3

a lotus, a sacred lotus

here is what I can’t, what I say in our times together-

love is a, a lotus, a sacred lotus, flowers a risk to touch and see, to smell and to, to feel, everyday, in your heart, you should ask your other, to marry, each day to keep your love, your individual love for your other, fresh and green as a lotus that forms in deep, rich mud, for centuries as a seed, love should be a lotus seed drenched in a cover of your thoughts, feelings, pains and hope filled desires,

shared, expressed, voiced, even in silences silences speak, when shared, but … but isolated, you both will die as a yellow lotus bloom without the mud that enriches it each day

‘So, if you are no longer love each other, …

‘No, she never really loved me.’

‘Then, let’s discuss why you feel that way in an individual session next week first, before we meet together again? – Okay?’

maybe they will stop coming , stop talking, – please stop


the counsellors’ lament

meditations on 13 ways of listening


Diana came to door with ice tears, traversing her cheeks, living

sorrow streaking as early autumn black squirrels, all around her crescent

moon face,

“ He took pictures of me as I was walking down the street, that woman saw me and cried ‘Carmen, Carmen, bring the camera. She’s here!’

coming for tea and love, empathy and sympathy over the, a dead marriage( 49 years; six children; millions in savings lost, cashed out ) the house of a lifetime no

longer hers,


49 years, or 7,

a month of days or a


does it matter? the hurt always returns; time heals nothing; nothing

even fading memory, dementias,

are betrayers, as in Porter’s story ‘the jilting of granny weatherall’

no thing is weathered


all is absorbed in tears, sobs, utterances of pains that return

as waves to surfed in the seas

seven deadly sins; seven seas; 7


seven ages of man; seven dwarves

the counsellor cannot tell one dwarf from the other; one sea, one sin, one horcrux from another

tears all run the same,

as waves, emotions engulfing,

enclosing emotions

tears run the same