Step 12 is how, how, all the twelve steps work together. This is a ‘how to’ program. Go into any bookstore ( if you can during this virus ) and go to the ‘how to’ section. It is enormous. And diverse, from how to play poker to how to water colour.

But these ‘how to’s’ really benefit us as we practice Step12.

Step 12 allows people who have worked the program to work with others who are still struggling, which benefits both the person in recovery as well as those who are still going through the program. Being of service to others can:

  • Remind you of the early days of recovery (and why you’ve worked so hard to move past that phase)
  • Keep you accountable and prevent you from becoming complacent in your recovery
  • Give you a sense of purpose
  • Enhance your fellowship with others
  • Inspire someone else to stay the sober path
  • Help provide insight to someone else in recovery
  • Allow you to become a trustworthy person for someone in recovery

But the greatest Step 11 benefit for me is to serve unselfishly, purely, without any ego, without desire for personal gains, without my controlling self.

I serve freely. Freely I receive, now I free give with no attachments, no strings.