9, ‘live’

from “Living Sober”,

‘it is perfectly natural that we still encounter some people who get on our nerves, both within AA and outside it. We may find that our non-AA friends, co-workers, or family members still treat us as if we were drinking. (It may take them a little while to believe that we have reallystopped. After all, they may have seen us stop many times in the past, only to start again.)
To begin to put the concept of “Live and Let Live” into practice, we must face this fact: There are people in A.A, and everywhere else, who sometimes say things we disagree with, or do things we don’t like. Learning to live with differences is essential to our comfort. It is exactly in those cases that we have found it extremely helpful to say to ourselves, “Oh, well, ‘Live and Let Live.'”’

As I start Step 12, my step here is to serve people. But that service may with the people I am with who I resent, don’t like, who rub, move me in wrong ways or whom I do the same to. How can I focus on service if I resent?

Later in ‘Living Sober’ the writer this me an answer that I find super helpful,

Let live”—yes. But some of us find just as much value in the first part of the slogan: “Live”!

Live. Focus on my life choices. live.