a lake

by the lake

here, by our small small calm lake: without children or dogs or memories or Priscilla, I sit by a sign : ‘do not feed the alligators’

my memories; my gifted silences, I must see but not abide with; touch, but do not hold; listen, hear but not repeat

never relive; never repeat… just sit, by a lake


Men’s voices, London 1



Overheard entering as he is


the Hampstead Heath Over ground tube stop:


‘I am not try to back up up, I just want-‘


Entering the Over ground-

 7 am

‘Sooo…I learn English here-ehh’


The Metro 21 May front page, bottom right


‘Recording a verdict of suicide, corner Simon Nelson said: ‘Martin was clearly highly thought of. But young men in particular tend to act or react impulsively to life’s events.’


I think


even the recorded conductor


does not come