grandma’s house

we are nowhere from’
rose’s son got a song deal from Bruno Mars &is leaving for LA; Rose has been taking careof
her elderly mother in Middletown NY and she needs her son to help her care for mom

She doesn’t know what she is going to dowhen he is gone….
( and what will you, or your sisters, or anyone else do, when my dementia )comes ?
( and it will )
then, will I be like our aunt terry?, locked in Parkinson’s, dementia, with one daughter dead a year, the other whose accounting is of the days she has left to care for her mother?
nope, I have a plan daughter!I ( and your mom ) Am  Going To The
 ‘we are nowhere from’
this is where all the old folks with blessed dementia go 
we all got dementia and we are all,‘happy together’ not remembering those who cared or who did not care for us
we are, it is the, 
‘we are nowhere from’

forgetting is better than all else forgetting is better than forgivenessforgetting what and who I was, am, 
heavenly forgotten 

I am leaving grandma’s house